2020 – Present

With the onset of Covid and the growth of remote work, our business continued to expand digitally in various domains.

Commencing in 2021, we began our consulting portfolio with the introduction of the LEAP consulting framework. Combining the best of the 3 world-class methodologies of Lean Six Sigma, Agile and Waterfall project management, LEAP provides organizations with a highly flexible and customized framework to address any business problem effectively.

Growth of our E-learning Portfolio
Expansion of LEAP consulting portfolio

2018 – PMP Training SNC Lavalin

As our training business began to grow we conducted a number of large onsite PMP certification classes for clients such as SNC Lavalin.

2016 - Beginnings

Smart Learn began with an idea to provide aspiring project managers certified Project Management professional training at a competitive price.

Meet Our Team

Zakir Ahamed

Project Management Coach & Resultant
Lean Coach & Resultant
Agile Coach & Resultant

Nazeer Bawa

Project Management Coach & Resultant
Agile Coach & Resultant

Eric Malimban

Lead - Lean Six Sigma Coach & Resultant

Jesse Corrigan

Project Management Coach & Resultant

Asad Kazim

Project Management Coach and ATP
President Consak Inc.

Ash Ghanbari

Microsoft Excel Coach and Process
Automation Expert