Smart Skills 3 Step Framework


Understanding your needs

  • We work with you to understand your skills enhancement requirements
  • Our learning consultants will develop a customized training plan specifically developed to meet your needs
  • Our areas of specializations include:
    • Project Management 
    • Business Process Optimization 
    • Lean Six Sigma
    • Agile and Scrum
    • IT Project Delivery and Transformation
    • Robotic Process Automation 
    • Data Analysis
  • We offer a variety of delivery models including:
    • Self-Learning E-Learning Courses
    • Virtual Training Sessions
    • On site training by one of our coaches and resultants


Empowering Teams to work Smarter

  • Unlike other consulting companies, we firmly believe in empowering our client’s teams with the best training and project and process methodologies so that teams can empower themselves to work smarter and generate a higher ROI 
  • Our deployment model focuses 50% on training and 50% on results based on the success of projects teams to deliver better results than they would if they didn’t undergo our training


Examples of Successful Projects Implemented by Internal Teams

“Digitization of a warranty claims audit process which changed a 10 person manual process into a single person one machine process”

Methodologies –
Lean Process Optimization and Agile Project Management

“Teaching a team how to use a Spaghetti Diagram to optimize the floor layout within a single afternoon, resulting in a productivity improvement of over 60%”

Methodologies –
Lean Process Optimization

“ Visualizing SOPs and reducing documentation waste by 90%, resulting in 50% improvement in NPS and improved customer support”

Methodologies –
Lean Process Optimization
Waterfall Project Management